Pupil Ambassadors

Pupil Ambassadors 

We have 6 Pupil Ambassadors in school from Year 6; each of our school values has 2 children represent this value as an Ambassador.

All Year 6 children had the option to apply to be an Ambassador and their applications were judged anonymously. Each Ambassador team is working on different projects in school.

Last year (2021-2022), the Pupil Ambassadors worked on the following:

Be Respectful

  • Buddy stop and Playground Buddies in place.
  • Delivered assemblies for Anti-Bullying Week.
  • Held ‘Uniquely You’ Day.

Be Prepared

  • Resources for supporting reading with the younger children.
  • Helped to organise Aspirations Week.

Be Safe

  • Set up the litter picking group and ran this through the year.
  • Delivered assemblies such as keeping safe at night and crossing the road.