Pupil Ambassadors

Pupil Ambassadors 

We have 6 Pupil Ambassadors in school from Year 6; each of our school values has 2 children represent this value as an Ambassador.

All Year 6 children had the option to apply to be an Ambassador and their applications were judged anonymously. Each Ambassador team is working on 3 projects in school this year and have been supported by the SWAF who have kindly donated £100 per value.

Here is the latest update from the Ambassadors:

Be Respectful

We have a special day planned, which you will know about when the time comes. We have already organised playtime buddies for the younger children at Swallowdale. By this we mean, that the buddies who have been chosen will be helping lonely children who have no one to play with. We will also be focusing on Anti-bullying week this year.


Be Prepared

We are organising reading buddies for people who may like some help with their reading and writing. We will be recruiting Year 5 and Year 6 to help with this. We will also be trying to invite old pupils from Swallowdale, who are now at secondary school, to Year 6 to talk about how it is at secondary school. Our final project will be aspiration week where we will welcome parents to come and talk about their jobs around the country if they would like.


Be Safe

We have been focussing on litter picking. We will have a club that is based on litter picking. We have already spoken to Year 6 about this. We will also be doing pupil voice and helping with some of the assemblies in school, which are about being safe.