School Council News

Our Swallowdale school council is now up and running! Classes (Year 1 to Year 6) voted for a

school council representative who they thought would be effective at communicating their pupil

voice. The results were as follows…


Year 1: Erin and Teddy

Year 2: Ivy and Edyth

Year 3: Poppy and Grace

Year 4: Man and Mia

Year 5: Isla-Faith and Ivy

Year 6: Liam and Colton


Our first meeting was held on Wednesday 3rd November in preparation for Children in Need.

School council shared ideas for how we could raise funds for this worthy cause as well as voting

on their favourite idea for our Children in Need dress up day. During the meeting, school council

also voted for a chair person to lead our meetings and a secretary to minute our meetings. We are

pleased to announce our chair is Colton from Year 6 and our secretary is Isla-Faith from Year 5