In this area, we will post information, activities and ideas to help support wellbeing at home. If you have any concerns, please do contact us at school using either the email addresses or the emergency phone numbers for our safeguarding staff. Numbers are available on the COVID-19 tab.

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Face Covid

Helping children cope with stress

  • Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Website: https://www.annafreud.org/what-we-do/anna-freud-learning-network/coronavirus/

Key stages: early years foundation stage to key stage 2

Description: wellbeing advice for all those supporting children and young people.

Registration: not required

  • Child Line

Website: https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/your-feelings/anxiety-stress-panic/worries-about-the-world/coronavirus/

  • Assembly 

We will also regularly add Whole-School assemblies which you can share at home with your children. First one coming soon!

Easter Sunday
Digital Wellbeing Kit for Parents