Curriculum Plans

Swallowdale Primary School has developed a curriculum for 2020-2021 to meet the needs of their learners and take account of the school’s offer for the Reconnecting Curriculum and Remote Learning. 

Please see below for the school’s curriculum statement.

Please see the COVID section for the Remote Learning Offer and Reconnecting Plan.

If you have any questions about your child’s curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance. You can contact them on their year group email address.

For other enquiries regarding our curriculum, please contact either Mrs Edwards (Deputy Headteacher) or Mrs Harries (Headteacher) on 01664 565456 or

Curriculum Intent

For further information, our approach to our curriculum this year can also be found as a case study on the Oak National Academy website.

BEP Curriculum Statement Nov 2020

SWA F2 Long Term Plan

SWA Year 1 Long Term Plan

SWA Year 2 Long Term Plans

SWA Year 3 Long Term Plans

SWA Year 4 Long Term Plan

SWA Year 5 Long term Plans

SWA Year 6 Long Term Plans

At Swallowdale, we are continually seeking to build a community of readers and set aside time each day for staff to read allowed to each class. We select our reading for pleasure class novels from our school reading spine to ensure children are exposed to a range of inclusive books.

Swallowdale Reading Spine 2020 2021 Class Novels