Our Policies

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy


BEP Attendance & Punctuality Policy

Behaviour Policy

BEP Behaviour Statement Nov 2020

Capability Policy

Capping School Intake

Charging And Remissions

Child Protection Policy

BEP Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Dealing With Unacceptable Behaviour From Parents And Visitors

Disability Equality Scheme

Disciplinary Policy

Drug Education

Employee Grievance Policy

Equality Of Opportunity Policy

BEP Exclusions Policy Nov 2020

BEP Educational Visits

Freedom Of Information

Guidance For Safer Working Practice


Home School Agreement

ICT E Safety

Intimate Care Policy

BEP Health And Safety

Leave Of Absence Policy

Marking And Presentation Policy

Medication Policy

Missing Child

Organisational Change Policy

Performance Management Policy

Positive Handling

Privacy Policy

Remote Learning Policy

School Data Protection Policy

School Privacy Policy

School Uniform

Sex And Relationships

Snow And Bad Weather

Social Media Policy

SEN Policy

SEN Information Report Offer Letter

Sex and Relationships

Taking your child on a family holiday during Term Time

BEP Statutory documents can be downloaded from the Bradgate Education Partnership website under ‘About Us > Statutory Information’ or by using the direct link – www.bepschools.org/about-us/statutory-information(opens in new tab).

BEP Local Advisory Board information can be found on the Bradgate Education Partnership website under ‘Our Schools > Governors’ or by using the direct link – www.bepschools.org/our-schools/governors(opens in new tab).