Residential / School Trips


Through the affiliation with MBSSPAN, Swallowdale participate in the School Games Mark whereby children are invited to represent our school with pride at a range of competitive sporting events, where they can apply and showcase their skills, at different levels throughout the year. These experiences nurture children’s physical competence, confidence and holistic well-being whilst also offering our gifted and talented pupils opportunities to shine at performance level.

In the Autumn term we have teams participating in the following events:

Year 5 & 6 Basketball – Tuesday 23rd November2021

This was a real success for our basketball team as not only did they walk away from the competition gaining a very well deserved fifth place, they were also awarded with the spirt of the game award. All the children showed exceptional talent, scoring ____ baskets in total, and their sportsmanship throughout the entirety of the tournament could not be faulted. Well done team Swallowdale.

Year 6 Sportshall Athletics – Wednesday 8th December 2021