At Swallowdale we are in our first year of delivering the phonics scheme – Read, Write, Inc. Previously we have used ‘Jolly Phonics’, however the engaging resources we have invested in now enable the children to practice applying their phonic skills daily within reading and writing. The aim is to support all children in becoming fluent and confident readers and writers within a variety of literature, before entering Year 2

Phonics Sounds Read Write Inc

Please find the slides used in our Phonics Evening Presentation. The information is a guide to support you in helping your child to read and write in different ways. Please remember all children learn in their own way and phonics is one of the many tools which can be used to help teach them to read and write. One tool we use at Swallowdale is the Phonics scheme Read, Write, Inc. However, we also teach our children to develop their reading and writing skills through a variety of activities (home-made and bought) which develop their sight reading and fluency and also support their comprehension skills. The photos can offer you some ideas of how to support your child to develop their reading and writing from a young age, and most importantly encourage them to enjoy applying these skills!