School Hours

Please find below infomrtaion about how our day is structured at Swallowdale. We have spent some time thinking carefully about our timetable to ensure that it allows the curriculum to be delivered as effectively as possible whilst also allowing children to have time to engage in social activities and enjoy their healthy lunch.
Key Stage 2 start school at 8.35am
Key Stage 1 and EYFS start school at 8.50am however doors will be open from 8.35am for drop-off to facilitate parents who also have children in Key Stage 2.
Key Stage 1 and EYFS finish school at 3.05pm.
Key Stage 2 finish school at 3.10pm.
We offer wrap around care in our Swallows club from 7.40am to 6.00pm. Places are limited; please contact the office for further information about prices and spaces.
Key Stage 2 have a total of 32 hours 55 minutes.
Key Stage 1 have a total of 31 hours 15 minutes.
All classes have a 15 minute break in the morning. We do not have a set break time as we find flexibility is important to allow the teachers to build their morning curriculum around the children and their learning rather than break time.
Key Stage 1 and 2 have lunch from 12pm to 1pm.
EYFS have lunch from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.