Sports Premium

At Swallowdale Primary School, our physical education curriculum aims to provide all children with high quality teaching and learning experiences in a safe, stimulating and supportive environment that develops their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills. This approach strives for our children to become physically literate*, well-rounded individuals who love being active, understand the long-term benefits of physical activity on their wider wellbeing and who value the importance of their wider community. We promote achievement and equal opportunity for all children through an inclusive curriculum design that is influenced by pupil and staff feedback and our community sport links. This ensures a curriculum that it is fit for purpose and provides children with the means to continue their lifelong engagement and learning in physical activity and sport. Our approach advocates the ‘learning to move’ and ‘moving to learn’ principle so that children build the knowledge, understanding and motivation to lead healthy, active lifestyles.


We fully adhere to the aims of the National Curriculum to ensure that all children:


· develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

· are physical active for sustained periods of time

· engage in competitive sports and activities

· lead healthy, active lives

· swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, can use a range of strokes effectively and can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations


In addition, the Primary PE and Sport Premium intends to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of our PE curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to see progress across the following five key indicators:


· increased engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

· the profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement

· increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

· offering all pupils broader experiences of a range of sports and activities

· increased participation in competitive sport

At the moment, the government provide a yearly fund that goes towards PE provision at Swallowdale. Please click on the link below to open information telling you how this money is spent.